Rain and Rainbow
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The Indian Rain

Inspired from various craftsmanship of Heritage India, the collection is contemporary yet luxirious. This collection plays with Kashmiri Prints and tells a tale of modern opulence.

The European Art

A fresh take on European patterns, colours and fabrics. The European Art collection offers a textual and festive appeal, yet these sophisticated hues showcase a lovely personality of you.

Rajasthani Rainbow

Inspired from traditional Rajasthani Art concepts, presenting the Rajasthani Rainbow Collection, where hues are meticulously twisting and transforming to another. This collection is handcrafted from treasures of Rajasthan.

Colour Revelry

Introducing the Colours Revelry collection...

If you are still stuck in time with the ordinary dress, it´s time to reinvent you. Presenting the new colourful, light season friendly fabrics to keep you cool, while the surroundings burn in envy...

About Rain & Rainbow

Rain and Rainbow is an ethnic Fashion brand for the today´s woman who is self aware, independent, confident but yet aware of her Indian traditions, customs and humility. Started in 2012, we believe that a woman has many roles in her life which transcends to various colours of life. Rain and Rainbow, thus, in it´s designs plays with all these colours and uses very interesting and unique prints to highlight this vibrant nature.

Rain and Rainbow bridges theses modern fashion tendencies with ethnic values....